6 Apps to manage your exhibition


Exhibition management in Dubai has flown into a rage since the city became the centre of gravity of some of the coolest local and international expos. And as Dubai ranks among the top smart, futuristic and tech-savvy cities, enthusiastic exhibitors look for smarter and faster ways to manage the events without a usual headache. So if you seek smart apps that are specifically developed for event management, check out the list below!


It’s not just a social app to help you connect or chat with friends, family and peers but an excellent means to market the upcoming event and manage all the plans. You can easily target a particular group in case the exhibition is set to a specific theme or reach out to the world. Time to take WhatsApp to a new level and exploit the best features like never before! Since it has recently been updated, there’s more than meets the eye.


Not many apps out there can capture meetings, conversations, ideas and images with perfection except for Evernote.The app comes in quite handy especially on the exhibition floor and if you’re lucky enough to get the premium version, it has a business card scanner that’s really cool, even for a smart application!

When I Work

Rather a weird name for an app but let’s focus on its functionality! When I Work is excellent to schedule/manage participants and staff list with ease so if you’ve already downloaded the app, better forget those spreadsheets and MS-Excel. The smart app automatically sends notifications to the names in the list, updating them of their responsibilities, hours and floor tasks. If you’re hooked to exhibition management in Dubai, this is truly an amazing application.


For those displaying at a consumer show or managing sales on their boutique, this application transforms your smart device into a transaction machine. Even a typical smartphone can take credit/debit card payments, contactless transactions and Apple Pay since it’s iOS specific! Upon ordering the app, you’ll also get a complimentary card reader for free that can synch with various invoicing software to further streamline the job.


The free, downloadable app lets exhibitors take asharp close and sharp images of business cards. CamCardautomatically scans thephoto for text details and sync all the relevant information to the databank that is contact/address books. This one app can save a lot of time and rather excellent for security purposes.


With SurveyMonkey, exhibitors are at an edge to create and publish online surveys in a matter of minutes. The software/app comprises of different questions just like in a survey, allowing visitors to poll their opinions on sector trends, recent news, upcoming products and more. The app gives you an advantage on other exhibition leads and rather advanced, even for trends surrounding exhibition management in Dubai.


While the above smart apps are excellent for savvy exhibitors, there’re others you probably know about such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So what’re you waiting for, download today and take your next event through a learning curve towards successful?
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