Five Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation


If you are on a time bound job, it is necessary to augment IT staff well in time to complete the tasks as planned. If you do not have skilled staff, you will find it difficult to complete even the easiest task. You can assign the job of hiring talented IT professionals for your time bound project to the HR. You need not hire full-time employees for completing the short term projects. So, you can instruct your HR to hire contract staff even at higher pay for completion of your immediate IT projects.

Improved Output

You can increase the output manifold by hiring talented and experienced IT professionals. The HR team can assign the task of recruiting experienced and trained staff for your specific job to talented recruiting agencies. They will check the qualification of the IT staff and conducts necessary tests and ensure they can complete the assigned tasks efficiently. Why I am suggesting employing outside agency to select the right IT professionals for your project is that HR team may not have the expertise to interview and select the right staff in the daily changing IT needs. The IT skills will change from project to project.

Effective Control

The IT manager can assign the tasks to different groups equally and try to complete the tasks simultaneously. It offers effective control over the project. You can finish the project in time and deliver the IT products and modules to the clients.

Reduced Costs

You need to pay only for the short duration of the project. Therefore, you need not pay for the employees throughout the year. Contract employees will help to complete your project in time. You can again hire IT staff after bagging the next IT project. You need not pay additional benefits like PF, gratuity, medical expenses etc for the contract staff. It helps to save cost and improve revenues. You need to clearly specify the terms and conditions at the time of hiring itself to prevent problems later. It is also necessary to get in writing that the newly hired staff do not abuse or hurt other employees.

Reduced Risk

If you outsource the project to a third party, you will not have control over the project. After bagging the project, many companies are delaying the projects inordinately. As a result, you cannot deliver the products in time. So, you will not be able to impress the customers next time that you could deliver the projects on time. It increases the risk of losing the contracts.

It is advised to maintain quality and highly trained and qualified IT staff in-house till the completion of the project and mitigate the risk.

Counter Attrition

In the current scenario of a booming economy, many IT professionals are changing their jobs for a better pay hike. You can overcome this issue by augmenting IT staff.

From the foregoing, it is suggested to augment IT well in time to meet the project needs without spending too much and increase profits.

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