Google Penguin 4.0 Recoveries


Google penguin update is here, but to know it better one needs to know what Google Penguin is?

Google penguin was launched in the year 2012 with the aim to catch the sites that are spammimg the search results to gain traffic and also those who use link schemes in order to manipulate search ranking.

The work of penguin is to find inorganic links, the ones that are solely placed for the purpose of increasing search rankings in the search results. Before the launch of penguin, bad links were taken down by simply devaluing them and ordered to be replacing them in order to improve search rankings.

With the advent of penguin, bad links are easy to detect and remove. Penguin refresh was required by any sites to be able witness the signs of recovery.

Here’s what new penguin 4.0 has?

It is now real time

Lately penguin used to refresh list of bad links and sites periodically but now they would be taken down on the real time basis.

It is not more granular

Penguin will devalue spam by affecting only the ranking based on spam signals rather than affecting the whole site.

The penalties will be imposed only to a specific page rather than the whole domain. This granular approach of Google is quite fairer in the long run.

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