How Technology can help in Balancing Work & Life


They say change is the only constant and in terms of technology the adage is more than true. With every single day there are zillions of revolutions happening in the technology world. While most of these technologies are developed for scientific purposes, there are many that are invented to aid humans. But we have to be very smart and careful opting for new technologies and using them for bringing in better and balanced life. Following are few tips that can help you go long way and have a content and balanced work and life.

  • Technology is for your aid and not to make you a slave: – Earlier when technology was used less in routine life, there was a well established balance between work and life. There was no work after office hours and no home during office hours, however, now it has become almost impossible to draw that line, since you are always connected any where any time. Prioritize the messages if at all you need to respond to them after office hours. Most of the times you tend to reply to mails, just because you don’t want to be odd one out among your colleagues, who are responding 24X7.
  • Use Apps that help cutting time: – There are many apps that help you cut on grocery shopping time and also many like GPS that suggest the shortcuts to your office/work and the routes with less traffic. Using these apps will help you in saving time and bring happier self in you.
  • Maintain timesheets or stop watch: – Many a times you feel that there is lot of pending work just before the office hours are about to get over. The reason is simple that most of your time is wasted in office gossiping and social network surfing. You can maintain a time sheet or stop watch before your start surfing social networks. The planning will help you cut time and get more productive in office hours.
  • Download Apps: – There is no harm in downloading apps that will help you enjoy quality time with your family. Like Netflix, where you can download your kids favourite shows or download movies to enjoy with your family.
  • Set up agendas: – Set up agendas and calendars on your Smartphone and stick to them. They will help you not to miss on your kids’ school activities and checking on your relatives.

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