Small steps to improve your E Commerce portal


There are umpteen numbers of E Commerce portals that are running business across the globe. Be it apparel, handloom, luxury items, E Commerce has come up as an effective market place in the recent years for all sorts of businesses. E Commerce Development is a key factor in deciding the success and failure of these E Commerce portals. There are zillions of service providers, who deal in developing these E Commerce portals and capable of providing you perfect customised portals. Below are the few points that you should consider during E Commerce Portal Development.!

Use of Bright Colours: –

An E Commerce site with dull colours is no treat for the eyes. Bright and pleasing colours make the shopping experience of users a pleasant one, just like it affects the mood in a physical store. A bright and colourful E Commerce Portal always gains attention and becomes favourite among users. However, the colour scheme should be well thought on the lines of your portal’s ideology and target users.

Live Chat: –

Another hot feature on E Commerce portal these days is adding Live Chat. This feature is valuable in converting visitors into buyers and helps buyers taking an immediate call to purchase. Mostly the live chat option works for 24×7 and users can share and discuss their queries related to payment procedures and product qualities. However, ensure that live chat does not become an obstacle in the smooth experience of the visitors on your website and should not pop up repeatedly.

Search Option: –

It is imperative to have search option added on your portal that helps users to filter their shopping requirements and saves their time. Along with the search options, search filters should be well planned and decided as per the users’ behaviour. Confusing filters hamper the shopping experience and does not encourage revisits to the portal.

Trust Symbols: –

Trust symbols are effective in attracting end customers on your portal. There may be thousands of hits on your portal everyday; however, they take action after going through all the pros and cons. For new portals, trust symbols could help win an edge over rivals. Trust symbols like BBB that are provided and accredited by Google Adwords Certified Company are the market leaders in the category. Surveys have suggested that as many as 50% of the online buyers do check the trust symbols before making any purchase from the portals.

Besides the above mentioned steps, it is crucial that you identify an USP to go with your E Commerce portal. This USP will not only help you to run your online campaigns, but will also enable you to create that identity among the users. This USP could be about the product range that you are going to present or it could be about your brand ideology. Ponder over these few key points and you are good to go with a successful E Commerce portal development.

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