Things to keep in mind when hiring a Software Engineer


Software Industry is mushrooming at a rapid pace and with it is booming the requirements for qualified Software Engineers. Hiring the right candidate for the Job becomes challenging sometimes for the hiring managers in an IT organization.

Below are few tips which may prove helpful in the hiring process:

  • Understand the Job Requirements

    Understanding and drafting the Job Requirement is the first step in attracting the right candidates. A focussed Job description with clear mention of core skill-sets always helps the candidates in relating to their existing skills and interests.

  • Focus on core skills then many skills

    It is a better idea to look for candidates having expertise in the core skill set required for the job, than to look for candidates with average knowledge on many technologies.

  • Certifications matter

    Technical certifications do matter, both in house and while representing your company to a client. Most popular certification programs are, Java (OCJP), .net (Microsoft certified Dot Net Developer), AWS (Amazon Web Services), etc

  • Problem solving aptitude

    Software industry deals with set of real life problems which need answers with coding skills. Therefore, problem solving aptitude becomes one of core, must have skills in a Software professional. A well designed written aptitude test may well be helpful in finding the aptitude score of candidates.

  • Communication skills

    Software industry is a global Industry, an IT company may have clients from any corner of the world. It becomes equally important for an Engineer to have effective communication skills. A candidate must effectively be able to communicate in official language with the clients, understand their requirements, propose the solutions and get the job done. It is important to screen the candidates for written and verbal communication skills before the actual technical rounds.

  • Learning attitude

    Technology is evolving at a rocket speed. Each day brings ample new features, products, technologies in the arena. It’s important to keep the pace with the evolving world. A person with a positive and learning attitude is considered future proof in the Software Industry.

  • F2F vs Telephonic interview

    It’s always a better idea to ask for face-to-face interaction than a telephonic one. You get a 3 dimensional view of the candidate sitting in front, it becomes easy to gauge the technical skills, confidence level, problem solving aptitude, personality, communication abilities and much more.

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