Tips for designing mobile apps


In order to reach out to the maximum users on a global platform, mobile apps are the most favoured tools these days. There are zillions of apps available on Apple Store and Google Play, however, there are selective ones that become favourites among the users. Following principles and tips can help you penetrate more consumers by making your apps more user friendly.

  • Think of UX and UI: – The apps are designed for users; therefore, reading the target audience prior to app design is a must. User Interface and User Experience are two vital facts that you do not have to miss, while working on designing mobile apps. Bad user interface will lead to bad user experience resulting in failure of your mobile app. Hence, read your target group carefully and then take a plunge into app development.
  • Versatility: – While developing user interface, you need to keep in mind that it should be compatible of working on all kind of mobile devices and should not be designed for a specific kind of mobile sets. You need to have a plan in place about its usability on a variety of mobiles.
  • Keep it simple: – Mobile apps are for users’ convenience and should be kept that way. The best user friendly app will not require any instructions and guidelines even for the first time users. Most of the times users use apps to save time and get their jobs done. A complex user interface will not serve the purpose and encourage users to look for other apps that are quick and easy to use.
  • Attractive looks: – A bright and aptly coloured app will force users to come back and getting regular on the app as compared to a dull looking app.
  • Involve actual users: – Involving actual target users of the app during development stage will also help you make it user friendly and save your time in later stages.
  • Survey: – Survey and researches are always an added advantage and can help you save time while developing mobile apps. You must thoroughly understand the operating system you want your app to go on. You need to be well versed with the user interface guidelines of those operating systems allowing you to bring out a better and planned format.
  • Besides the above key principles, you should do an app dipstick on key operating systems and kind of apps currently being used with their reviews and feedback. Why should you make mistakes, when you can learn from others’.

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