What are the new enticing design trends for websites in 2017?

With the whole world steadily migrating to the digital platform, the demand for web related services are hitting the roof. One such expertise that is critical for the growth of our business sector in the digital space is that of website designing. Web sites are the gateway of the companies through which they communicate with the outside world on the Internet. Therefore, it has multiple usages that include advertising, selling, and getting customer feedback. For a website to operate successfully, it has to do all these tasks successfully without any hitch.

If your company has a digital presence, then it must have a website. If you want to make some changes in your current website or build a totally new one, then you can take the help of any well-known website design company in Delhi. However, before you give the contract to a company that does web designing, make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Web designing is not a single job but requires a bouquet of expertise to produce a successfully executed project.

A web design company Delhi that provides specialized services in one or two aspects of web design is not the right place to go for a completely new project because then you have to run from one expert to another to get a complete product. These companies are suited for some specialized job like the SEO work that you want to do in your existing website. Instead go to a company that provides you complete services under one roof.

If you are a web design company Delhi and wish to make it big in the market, then it is essential that you keep yourself updated with the recent trends in web designing. We have put here some of the new styles that you can use while designing a website to make them look sophisticated and trendy.

1). Modern Retro to light up the screen: Although this theme has been around for some years, it is still evolving and making waves across the world. This design is basically a beautiful mix of old and new. While some elements are taken from the early 80s and 90s design they were woven together in a stylish way to make them look hip and trendy. This design includes vintage art, animation, pixel art and old-fashioned typography to give your website a touch of old world charm in a modern setting.

2). Give the impression of movement through Cinemograph: In Cinemograph, web designers use either GIF or video clips that give the impression of movement in the photographs embedded in the web pages. This type of design when properly executed gives amazing results.

3). The effect of bright colours: The use of colour in designing a website was always very important. However, the rising popularity of Google’s material design has given it a shot in the arm. Colors are not only used to make a web page look beautiful but also highlight an area that the designer wants you to focus on.

4). Use the power of modular design: If your website has several important elements that need to be equally highlighted, then using the modular design will be the right choice. In this, the designer makes use of block grid pattern for the web page layout.

5). A design that can be viewed on varied screen sizes: Another style that is gaining popularity in the web designing process Flexbox. A website designed using the Flexbox can be opened on different screens.
The styles given above are only some of the trends that are creating so much interest in the web designing community.


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